In the Land of the dead - v1

Self-Released 2003

We recorded six songs, and did a few print runs of 100 CD's. It was full of samples from news broadcasts about the Salt Lake vegan straight edge community, and our song with Foekus, "I Hate George Bush," was a hidden track at the end.

We honestly didn't think anyone outside of Salt Lake City would ever hear it.

in the land of the dead - v2

New Eden Records 005 - 2004

When New Eden Records approached us about re-releasing "In the Land of the Dead" we were almost too excited. We wanted to be taken seriously as a band, so we made some changes to the album.

We didn't think anyone would outside of Salt Lake City would understand (or see the humor In) all the samples, so we removed them. We also took off the secret song with Foekus, and added two more that we had written for a local HC compilation. Then we redid the artwork, and changed the track list around.

We overthought the whole thing from start to finish.

In the land of the dead - v3

New Eden Records 023 - 2005

Even without the charm of our original pressing, New Eden Records still sold through the entire print run (which probably wasn't more than 500/1000 CD's).

New Eden expressed their disappointment at how much had changed between the self-released version and the version that we gave them. By that time, we were a little more confident, and less worried about what people outside of Salt Lake thought.

We kept the two newer songs, but re-added all the samples, (mostly) restored the original track list, and gave "I Hate George Bush" an official placement.

In the Land of the Dead - V1 - 2003

In the Land of the Dead - V2 - 2004

In the Land of the Dead - V3 - 2005