In the land of the dead promo cd - 2003

A few months before our self-released EP was ready, we were dying let people hear a few songs. There wasn't a great way to share music online, so we put two songs on 25 CR-R's, and had our friend Candace draw a storybook style cover. We sold them at one show in the basement of a hip hop shop in downtown Salt Lake City.

From the mean streets - Resolve records - 2003

Cherem recorded two new tracks for this compilation of Salt Lake City Hardcore bands. Both tracks were eventually added to the "In the Land of the Dead" reissues.

New Eden Records Sampler - 2004

New Eden Records gave Purified In Blood's first album a huge push, which Included this label sampler that was packaged with a magazine and shipped to retail and music stores.

Naj One - Foeknawledge - New Eden Records - 2004

Foekus asked us to collaborate on another song for his first album for New Eden Records. The first one we did together was so much fun, that we were thrilled to do it. We wrote together this time, and while it's a fun song that we're still proud of, it lacks something that made the first one so special.

Counter Friction - 2005

Peter Young Benefit - 2006

It was cool to be on a CD with all these bands, and that's literally all I remember about it.

City Weekly Music Awards comp

Definitely the odd man out here, and it's doubtful that we played the actual awards show, but it was nice to be included. We hustled pretty hard on MySpace, and it worked out.